About US



Hey, I am Wes Anderson, founder of Elevated Spores LLC. I am a wild mushroom forager from Minnesota. Many years ago I found the power of functional mushrooms when I was studying at a University and was getting overwhelmed with stress and fatigue. This weakened my immune system, as a result I got sick and ended up failing one of my classes. A very expensive cold, wouldn't you say?

I have always been a science-based skeptic and didn't really buy the whole supplement industry but out of disparity, I started researching how to improve my immune function and I stumbled upon some blogs about Chaga. This excited me because I knew I could go out and forage some. So I thought I would give it a try. I packed up my foraging bag, a hatchet and other foraging essentials and hit the woods. It took me a few weeks to find my first Chaga and I can't really express to you how exciting it is, you have to experience it for yourself. 

I learned how to brew the tea and since that day I have not been sick, that was over 10 years ago. This led me down the path I am on today, a very scientific research paper and PubMed filled path, I might say. 

Not only have functional mushrooms helped my immune system, but they have also helped me manage stress. They have improved my blood pressure by a large margin. They have also helped with my gut health, inflammation, energy, concentration and overall health and wellbeing. 

When the pandemic hit my region I lost my job. This gave me a very negative outlook on life for a while after that. I decided to channel the negative into positive. I started thinking about my passions (mushrooms) and my skills (business and culinary arts) and how I could use these tools to help other people. That is when Elevated Spores was born.