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Elevated Spores is a facilitator of the lost art of wild-foraging fungal and plant medicines. A tradition that is thousands of years old, but long forgotten. There is medicine in the forest, all around us, there are no gatekeepers, it is just there for us to use.

I chose to devote my life to going into these forests to collect these medicines carefully, sustainably and with upmost respect for the fungi and environment. I chose to bring them to the people, to educate the people, to hopefully change as many peoples lives as possible.

Experience the Wild-Foraged Difference

We are fans of all functional mushrooms but there is clearly something very special about wild-foraged functional mushrooms. This may be because they grow naturally, in the suns light on nutrient dense substrate. They are exposed to the natural elements and have to develop defense compounds to protect themselves from pathogens and other environmental threats. We can harness the same powers by consuming them and their extracts.

Elevated Spores focuses most of its energy on three wild-foraged functional mushrooms. These are the tried and true, and they are all foraged in the isolated forests of the midwest United States.

Reishi the Mushroom of Longevity

Ganoderma Tsugae

Reishi is an adaptogenic fungi that is touted to as the 'Mushroom of Immortality' by many in Eastern Cultures. It contains high concentrations of Beta-D-Glucans and many other polysaccharides. Reishi also contains over 100 triterpenes, one of which is Ganoderic Acid, found exclusively in the Ganoderma genus. These compounds, among many other are responsible for the healing effects of this very special fungi.

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Chaga the king of medicinal mushrooms

Inonotus Obliquus

Chaga is the antioxidant king of the functional mushrooms. Chaga is not actually a mushroom, rather it is a hardened mass of mycelium and wood called a sclerotium. It still contains some of the most powerful functional compounds in the fungi kingdom. Containing high levels of antioxidants, Beta-D-Glucans, triterpenes including the novel compound Betulin found in high concentrations in birch bark, which gets converted to Betulinic acid thorough the formation of the chaga sclerotium. Another unique and amazing compound that Chaga offers is Melanin, which is found in the black outer protective crust.

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Turkey Tail Mushroom

Trametes Versicolor

Turkey Tail mushroom is an immune system powerhouse. Packed with multiple polysaccharides. one very special polysaccharide found exclusively in Turkey Tail is Polysacharride-K, aka Krestin, aka PSK. This compound is extraordinary for its ability to proliferate the immune systems function. It is the only compound known to science to have this ability. Turkey Tail also contains PSP, a polysaccharide peptide that acts as a prebiotic. Needless to say, Turkey Tail is a mushroom we could all benefit from.

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