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Lions Mane Extract Powder

Lions Mane Extract Powder

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Cultivated Lions Mane Extract Powder (Hericium Erinaceus)

A pure, organic lions mane extract powder. A blend of mycelium extract and fruiting body extract. Lions Mane contains two compounds that have been shown to increase (NGF) nerve growth factor. NGF regulates and proliferates the growth of target neurons. Hericenones are extracted from the fruiting body and erinacines are extracted from the mycelium. Along with those compounds, lions mane has many other phytonutrients and bioavailable compounds that are healthy for the human condition. 

This product is tested for and guaranteed to contain 2% hericenones, 2% erinacines and 30% beta glucans.

The mushrooms used in this product are grown on wood. 

There is a long debate between whether fruiting bodies or mycelium is better for nerve growth factor. The truth is that both parts of the mushroom (mycelium and fruiting body) contain compounds that effect nerve growth factor and therefore current research suggests it would be best to consume both parts of the mushroom for best results. 

50 grams/servings per package 

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