Mushroom Coffee

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Elevated Spores sources local medium roast Colombian coffee out of Duluth, Minnesota. We blend the coffee with wild-foraged Reishi, Turkey Tail and Chaga mushroom, full spectrum extracts. 

We don't want to change coffee, we just want to make it better. You can expect the same flavors you love about the Arabica bean, only with less acidity. You may feel a more sustained energy from the energy boosting properties of Chaga. 

There are many mushroom coffee products on the market, most are made with cultivated mushroom powders. Elevated Spores uses locally wild-foraged mushrooms from the vast and isolated Boreal and Laurentian forests of the Upper Midwest.

Pack size: 8oz ground Mushroom Coffee

Servings: 24-36

Instructions: 1-2 tablespoons of coffee per cup of water. This is a standard drip grind that works with every brew method. 

**Consult with doctor before use when pregnant or on blood pressure/blood thinner medications. 

**To maximize potency of medicinal compounds cold brew is recommended. 

Cold Brew Ratio: 8oz ground mushroom coffee to 2 quarts of filtered water. Mix together and keep in fridge for 24 hours. This creates a concentrate, please dilute to taste with fresh spring water. We add 30% more water to the concentrate!